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Sutherlin, John W.

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Director of Sponsored Programs & Research
Executive Director of the Research Corporation of Louisiana

International, national, state and local politics
Middle East politics
Environmental issues
Environmental, energy, recycling, composting, brownfields, solid waste, waste water

Areas of expertise: International Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, Middle East Politics, National Foreign Policy, European Politics, Environmental issues

Sutton, Jana P.

Marriage & Family Therapy and Counseling Studies Program Director

Eating disorders
Domestic violence
Marital and family relationships
Families in crisis

Sylvester, Paul

Director of Graduate Studies

Research in examining the relationship of hormones and nutrition on breast cancer development and autonomy

Thameling, Carl L.

Professor of Communication

Small group communication: minority and majority opinion/social influence in group settings; policy-making in groups; interpersonal attractiveness in small group settings

Tolson, Kim Marie

Professor of Biology
Graduate Coordinator

Mammals and birds: general biology and information
Biology of white-tail deer
Wildlife management

Walker, Bruce

Assistant Professor of Management and Aviation

Sexual harassment awareness from a practitioner's perspective

Sexual Harassment Awareness From a Practitioner's Perspective.