McCown, William, Ph.D.


Interim Director Graduate School
Associate Professor of Psychology
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

College of Business and Social Sciences
Hemphill Hall 115
(318) 342-10105
(318) 513-1461
(318) 245-6306
Media Topics: 

Problem gambling
Procrastination and task avoidance: why we do it and how we can overcome it
Children and drug abuse: working together to avoid the common epidemic
Difficult bosses: how to handle impossible situations when there are no options
Raising a “problem child:” 10 fool-proof and time-tested methods of making sure your child will not turn into a tyrant (or worse); basic psychological concepts
Trauma and children: traumatic stress program for Kuwait government following the Gulf War (1989-1995)

Speaker Topics: 

Problem gambling--I have spoken on this topic worldwide. It is entertaining but also helpful and nonjudgmental. It is appropriate for all ages.
Procrastination and task avoidance--Why you do it and how to overcome it. That says enough! I can tailor this talk from junior high kids to seniors.
Children and drug abuse--Working together to avoid the common epidemic. Again, this is a standard talk that I have given worldwide.
Difficult bosses--How to handle impossible situations where there are no options. I usually get invited to present this talk several times a year. It is funny, can be of any length, and is empowering for both employers and employees.
Raising a screwed up child--Ten fool-proof and time tested methods of making sure your child will turn into a tyrant (or worse). (I recently gave this talk in Los Angeles. It covers basic psychological concepts in a humorous manner.
I also have expertise in trauma and children, inasmuch as my former spouse and I set up the traumatic stress program for the government of Kuwait following the Gulf War. In Philadelphia (1989-1995) I had a weekend psychology-oriented talk show--public affairs more than Dr. Laura but it actually had ratings!