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Anderson, Jeffrey

Professor of History

Voodoo, hoodoo, conjure
Old south history, 1607 to 1865: plantation society, southern social classes, system of honor
African American history and religion

Voodoo, hoodoo, conjure – Each of these is an important aspect of African American spirituality. In recent years, they have garnered increased attention from both scholars and popular authors alike.

Baer, Kevin N.

Professor of Toxicology

Toxicology issues: introduction to toxicology, placing chemical hazards in perspective

Mercury in fish: overview of public health concerns surrounding mercury in fish

Toxicology Issues. An introduction to toxicology. Placing chemical hazards in perspective.
Mercury in Fish. An overview of the public health concerns of mercury in fish.

Brown III, Ralph W.

Associate Professor of History, Interim Head

20th century military history

20th century military history

Chaney, Sharon

Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene
Dental Hygiene Program Director

Oral health: preventive techniques to maintain a healthy mouth
Problems associated with tobacco products
Use of fluoride to prevent cavities
Relationship of a healthy mouth to a healthy body: how oral disease affects the body

Oral Health: preventive techniques to keep a healthy mouth, problems associated with use of tobacco products, use of fluorides to prevent cavities, relationship of a healthy mouth to a healthy body: how oral disease affects the body.

Clark, Mark R.

Associate Professor of Music

Directing and producing opera and musical theatre
Acting and singing
Music and theatre education in public schools

I am the new director of Opera/Musical Theatre at ULM and have more than 25 years directing and producing at a number of universities, including running the world renown opera program at Indiana University for nine years.

Eisenstadt, Robert

Director, Center for Business and Economic Research
Associate Professor of Economics

Economic forecasting
Urban/regional economics
Ecotourism/environmental ethics
General economics

Economic forecasting
Economic development
Ecotourism/environmental economics
General economics