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Louisiana National Guard TOPS Award Information


The award amounts are different for students who are eligible for the National Guard tuition exemption waiver. Please review the below chart if you are interested in enlisting with the Louisiana National Guard.

If you are in the Louisiana National Guard, or plan to enlist, please contact the ULM Financial Aid Office at
(318-342-5320) or (finaid@ulm.edu).


Awards Initial Eligibility Requirements Award Amounts

TOPS National Guard Stipend


(Opportunity Equivalent Award)

• ACT Score 20

• Cumulative GPA 2.50

• Pursuant of TOPS Core Curriculum


• National Guard Tuition Waiver

• $300 TOPS National Guard Stipend per semester


TOPS National Guard

Performance Award


(Performance Equivalent Award)

• ACT Score 23

• Cumulative GPA 3.00

• Pursuant of TOPS Core Curriculum

• National Guard Tuition Waiver

 $300 TOPS National Guard Stipend per semester

 $400 Performance Stipend per semester

TOPS National Guard

Honors Award


(Honors Equivalent Award) 

• ACT Score 27

• Cumulative GPA 3.00

• Pursuant of TOPS Core Curriculum

 National Guard Tuition Waiver

 $300 TOPS National Guard Stipend per semester

 $800 Honors Stipend per semester


*The TOPS stipends are funded for 4 years/8 semesters by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) and are subject to change. Eligible students must continue to meet renewal requirements. If the 3.00 TOPS GPA is not met for Honors or Performance Awards, they will revert to the Opportunity Award.

** The Louisiana National Guard tuition waiver is issued by the Louisiana National Guard. As per Louisiana’s Revised Statute 17:5002 and RS 29:36.1, Louisiana National Guard students cannot receive the tuition exemption waiver and the standard rate of TOPS Opportunity/Performance/Honors awards.The chart above provides a breakdown of the TOPS awards for National Guard Students.

*** It is the student’s responsibility to comply with all governing statutes and rules applicable to the TOPS program, which may change, whether disclosed or not. For more information, you may refer to the Rights and Responsibilities issued by The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance, also found on your Student Hub at (https://www.osfa.la.gov/studenthub.html).



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