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Office of Financial Aid

After You Have Applied for Aid

What Happens Next?

You have completed your FAFSA and received your Student Aid Report (SAR). The following information will explain what happens next in the financial aid process.

4 Steps to continuing the financial aid process:


1. Beginning in March, the ULM Financial Aid Office will start to download FAFSAs.

The FAFSA contains the same information as your SAR. We will electronically receive your FAFSA from the Federal Processor.

Once we receive your FAFSA, students will receive correspondence by email to their Warhawks accounts.

The receipt of your FAFSA marks the official beginning of the Financial Aid Office's processing of your aid.

2. Additional Information, If Necessary:

This step will be different for each student.  In this step you may be required to submit further documentation before your aid can be processed.  Some students will not need any further documentation, while others may have numerous issues that will need to be addressed.  You will need to carefully monitor your "Warhawks" email account and the Student Self Service system, so you will know if you need to submit additional documentation.

Students (Self Service) can check their financial aid status online.

Check your Financial Aid Status Online using BANNER

Your financial aid cannot be processed until you have completed the verification process.

3. Student Academic Progress/Appeals

Federal regulations require that ULM establish policies to monitor the academic progress of students who apply for and/or receive federal financial aid.  If you are not meeting these requirements you may have to submit an appeal before your aid can be processed.  For further information on the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy and the steps to appeal click on the following link: Satisfactory Progress.

Your financial aid cannot be processed until you have completed the appeal form and the Appeals Committee has reviewed your appeal!

4. Awarding

Once you have completed your FAFSA and you have submitted all necessary documentation (if required), you are now ready to be awarded aid.  The awarding of aid is not the end of the journey.  You must now accept your awards on online (accept your award using BANNER).