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Institutional Effectiveness & La. Grad Act

The University of Louisiana Monroe monitors several key performance indicators as part of the effort to ensure student success. Through 2016, this process was documented thoroughly with the Louisiana GRAD Act.

The Louisiana Granting Resources and Autonomy for Diplomas (LA GRAD) Act was approved by the Louisiana Legislature and signed into law by the Governor in June 2010. Under this law, the Board of Regents had the responsibility for entering into six-year performance agreements with participating institutions.

In the agreement, the institution committed to meet the performance objectives in exchange for increased autonomy and flexibility. The Board of Regents monitored performance of the institutions and submitted an annual report on the progress to the Legislature and the Governor.

Because the GRAD Act was not reauthorized by the legislature, ULM is transitioning to an internal student achievement monitoring and improvement process governed by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee using a plan for evaluating student success indicators based on the language of the institutional mission statement.

Student achievement data for prior years can be accessed through the links at the left, and the most current data is linked directly below.