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Graduate Student Resources - A to Z

Academic Advising

Graduate students are generally assigned to their Graduate Program Coordinator for advising during their first semester.  This assignment may change at that time, or once an official degree plan is filed.  The exception to this is the PhD in Pharmacy.  The contact information for every Graduate Program Coordinator is available on the Graduate School's program webpage.  The link to each graduate degree program's webpage is available here


The ULM graduate school maintains a list of important dates for graduate faculty and prospective and enrolled students.  This is always available on the ULM Graduate School's home page

Career Services

The ULM Office of Career Connections offers students vital services are designed to help students become career ready before entering the workforce.  


Full Listing of Faculty with Contact Information:

Financial Aid

Graduate students may find the ULM Financial Aid FAQ webpage helpful.


ULM Student Policy Manual


The ULM Residential Life webpage offers information to students seeking on-campus housing. 


The ULM Library offers services to all students, both online and traditional.


The ULM Mentorship Program connects students to alumni and career professionals.  Mentorship is a valuable tool for personal growth and career development.  If you wish to participate in the ULM Mentorship program the application opens during late summer/early fall. 


Things to do in Monroe/West Monroe
A guide to major employers and economic development in Monroe.


Download a complementary suite of Office 365 products here.

Thesis and Dissertations

The preparation of your Thesis, Dissertation, or Field Study is one of the most important elements of your graduate studies at ULM. You will find resources and instructions to help guide you through the process of assembling a Graduate Advisory Committee in the current graduate catalog and on our website

Thesis-based Masters students may find this timeline with suggested milestones helpful.
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Tour the ULM Campus

Schedule a tour of our beautiful campus or use the virtual tour on the ULM Hawkseeker's webpage

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