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Health Studies Advising

Health Studies faculty serve as mentors and help guide students along their path to complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Health Studies. You can rely on your health studies advisor for information, assistance, and encouragement throughout your time at ULM. Your health studies advisor will help you identify your goals and develop educational plans to reach them, understand degree requirements, course planning, and recognize resources across campus that will support your academic performance.

A few important points about advising and resources:

  1. You should meet with your advisor regularly to discuss your educational goals, interests and any difficulties.
  2. Check out the Student Success Center for further information about advising and our flightpath degree audit system http://www.ulm.edu/studentsuccess/advising.html
  3. Check out ULM’s Advising resources for further information about registration, financial resources, Banner, and major/minor requirements. http://www.ulm.edu/studentsuccess/advising/index.html    
  4. DLHS (Distant Learning Health Studies) online students are advised through eULM advising. For further information about eULM advising go to:http://www.ulm.edu/onlinedegrees/students/advising.htm



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