Reflections of. . .

by Kina Reed


sand heavier than my hand and i am numb now one sphere of gas and clay seconds

counting the lost remember salty and delicious thoughts old nickelodeon faded into the

background my mirrors allows for one extremes but no excuses but jammed with 1 told

you so tony montana is not a living hero what acronym can be used to explain this

obsession you question everything as you caress my left thigh my smell remiscent of the

$1.97 scent of cotton blossoms i am wondering where are those pearl earrings you

promised you found esteem in my vagina and the ecstasy you find pinched in my fullness

quickly unwrap and untangled sweet as marshmallows smooshed between graham

crackers your hurting me with your inconsistent thoughts and actions that reflect little of

the love you claim to feel crochans acquittal speech connects you to OJ type gloves a

flawless attribute that matches donna summer hits this invisible x wears like a hawthorne

tale because i am emptied by it all i am living in these seconds counting the moments and

dying my lost and i am maurys biggest fan.