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The Herbarium of the University of Louisiana at Monroe (Herbarium NLU) is housed within the ULM Museum of Natural History (Division of Botany) under the direction of the Department of Biology. The collection consists of plant specimens that have been pressed and dried for long term preservation. By comparing individuals collected through history, from different habitats, and throughout a species' geographical range, a wealth of information can be obtained for ecological and evolutionary research. Herbarium specimens can now also be valuable for genome research, studying variation at the DNA level, and exploring gene expression. The ULM Herbarium has a history of active exchange programs with herbaria around the world to contribute to greater botanical knowledge as much as possible.

Thomas Sasek, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Curator.
Dennis Bell, M.S., Instructor & Collections Manager.

The ULM Herbarium houses plant specimens from all over the world, but mainly from Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas. The herbarium is truly the legacy of Dr. R. Dale Thomas. Today, due to Dr. Thomas's lifetime commitment to field botany and exchange programs with herbaria around the world, the herbarium consists of approximately 336 cabinets housing nearly 472,000 plant specimens, ranking it among the ten largest herbaria in the Southeast. The Herbarium is housed on the third floor of Sandel Hall on the ULM campus. Please consult our visitor and exchange policies for further information and we welcome you to contact us.

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