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Retirement Information

Plan Contacts pdf

Social Security and Medicare pdf

Windfall Elimination Provision pdf

TRSL Retirement Law Updates (website)

State Retirement Plans pdf

Optional Retirement Plans (website)

403B Annuity Programs pdf

Louisiana 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Social Security (FICA)/Medicare (MQFE) pdf

  • Louisiana State Employees do not contribute to the Social Security FICA tax.
  • For more information visit www.ssa.gov or contact the Human Resources Office at (318) 342-5140.

Retirement Planning

Countdown to Retirement pdf

Workshops & Seminars

LASERS Retirement Education Seminars

TRSL Workshops


To download related forms, see the ULM Forms database.

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Louisiana State Employees Retirement System (www.lasersonline.org); information, publications, etc.

Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana (www.trsl.org); publications, calculators, etc.