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Using the Automated Response Clicker system in a ULM Classroom

This initiative is designed around the following parameters:

1. Faculty wishing to use the "clickers" this fall must request that their classroom be set up and their students are issued "clickers". Send clicker request to rwilliams@ulm.edu. Please submit your request no later than the Thursday before the first day of classes.

2. Using the clickers requires you be teaching in a multimedia classroom with a lockable podium.

3. You will need to set up software on your office computer in order to develop classroom questions and activities.

4. The initial "clickers" are provided by STAP funds and will be issued to the students from specifically approved courses.

5. Classrooms will be set up in the order that requests are received within approximately a two week period.

6. Faculty will need to follow the steps below to start using the system.

Faculty must register each of your respective courses with Turning Technologies once your course/room has been approved and then setup by ULM Information Technology. You will be informed via Email from Paula Thornhill once the respective classrooms are ready.

Login and associate your course(s) -> https://instructor.turningtechnologies.com/

Classroom Receiver request form -> Online Request Form

Students follow these steps:

1. If your instructor informs you that your class is to participate with Clickers, you must go to the Warhawk ID Card Services Office and sign for your Clicker.

2. Students must register your Clicker ID with Turning Technologies: http://store.turningtechnologies.com

3. If you need to purchase an extended subscription, login to the site above and click on the head in the right top conrner then select Profile.  You should see options for subscriptions and devices at that point.

NOTE:  Certain features of Clicker usage now requires a Turning Point subscription.  A 1-year subscription is included w/ each physical Clicker provided by ULM since Spring 2017.  If your Clicker is older than this timeframe, you should first consult with your instructor to confirm what tracking features they intend to use in class.  Visit the Turning Technologies customer site above for making subscription purchases online and managing your Clicker profile.  The subscription is available in 1-Term, 1-Year, & 5-Year increments.  You may also purchase a new Clicker w/ 1-Year subscription from the ULM Bookstore.

Replacing a lost or damaged Clicker

Each student will be issued only one free Clicker during his/her career at ULM. If the Clicker is lost or damaged, the student must purchase one from the ULM Bookstore or go online to purchase one from Turning Technologies: http://store.turningtechnologies.com/.