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Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) used to create online, interactive courses. Moodle can be accessed through the myULM portal.


Moodle Helpdesk

Library 211
(318) 342-5050


lock down iconlock down browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is required by some instructors for exams and quizzes.

Click here to download.

Open LMS Mobile App

The Moodle Mobile app is available for free from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. To explore the features available in the Open LMS Mobile App, as well as how to download and start enjoying, please read this blog post.

FAQ for Students

What if my course(s) aren’t showing?

If the term has not started, your instructor may not have the class available to students yet. However, if classes have started and you are still unable to see your course(s), check Banner to ensure you are registered for the class. If you are not registered, contact the Registrar’s Office. If you are registered for the class, contact the Moodle Helpdesk.

How do I stop forum posts from sending me an email every time someone posts?

From your moodle account, click on your profile in the upper right corner and choose Preferences

In the Forum Preferences section, under Forum auto-subscribe, choose No: don’t automatically subscribe me to forum discussions.

This will prevent you from getting email notifications for posts that others make in the forum but you will continue getting notifications for posts you make.