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How To Check Your SPAM Filter

Are you expecting emails that you are not receiving???

Many times when you are not receiving expected emails, they are awaiting your approval to be released from your Barracuda Spam Firewall.

Below you will find instruction on how to login to your Spam folder, check and release messages that are quarantined, and how to “whitelist” senders so their email will stop going to your quarantine folder. 

Please see below for specific instructions and if you have any questions, please call the help desk @ (318) 342-3333, on Campus Dial #3333.


Let’s Get Started by logging into your ULM Portal!



Step 1)  Login To MY.ULM.EDU

log in to my ULM screen



Step 2)  Click The Campus Systems Tab.

campus systems tab


Step 3)  Click the SPAM Firewall Icon.

spam firewall image link button in my ULM


Step 4)  Deliver, Whitelist, or Delete Emails.

a)       Deliver – This will deliver the selected email to your inbox.  But future emails from this sender will continue to go to your quarantine.

b)      Whitelist – Delivers the current email and all future emails to your inbox.

c)       Delete – Deletes the email from your quarantine folder.

image focus on actions in list of emails



Step 5)  Filter emails by name.

a)       Filtering emails by name is easy.  Simply select the “From” option from the drop down and type in what you would like to filter by.

b)      Click “Apply Filter” to see a list of all filtered emails.  The example below shows all “Gmail” emails in my quarantine.

filtering by name is an easy option