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Kinesiology Awards & Scholarships


A.S. Huffman

A.S. Huffman Award

A.S. Huffman BiographyThese awards are granted to the outstanding male and female undergraduate KINS majors.  Each recipient must hold at least a 3.0, have completed a minimum of 60 hours, and must show dedication and competence in the field of kinesiology.

2011-2012 - Erica Tumey & Casey Ryan  1990-91 Lee Ann Parker & Michael Q. Ortego
2010-2011 Claire Clark & Tyler Covington  1989-90 Brian L. Castile & Diana W. Russell
 2009-2010 Trisha Hankins & Daniel Henning  1988-89 Sandra J. Bennett & Kenneth W. Harrell
 2008-2009 Abby Comeaux & Jordan Guillot  1987-88 Lisa Ann Cooper & Mark D. Holdiness
 2007-2008 Matt Malone & Sarah Smith  1986-87 Ina Glynise Daniel & James D. Temple
 2006-2007 Lila Tyler & Andy York  1985-86 Stephaine A. Burnam & James D. Dupree
 2005-2006 TBA  1984-85 Melanie J. George & Shelby Lee Ainsworth
 2004-2005 TBA  1983-84 Nova S. Baugh & Mark A. Temple
 2003-2004 TBA  1982-83 Mark Carroll & Pamela Downing
 2002-2003 TBA  1981-82 Penny Latham
 2001-2002 TBA  1980-81 Mary E. Armie & John T. Lightfoot
 2000-2001 TBA  1979-80 Denise L. Pistorious & Jimmie R. Adams
 1999-2000 Jennifer A. Mennhennett & Russell P. Suire  1978-79 Catherine P. Thompson & Rickey L. Jones
 1998-99 Julie Bailey & Jonathan Hancock   1977-78 Terry D. Hickman & Don J. Torres
 1997-98 Carrie L. Haggart & Curtis J. Eberts  1976-77 Marian E. Howard & M1972-73 Edgar H. Webb & Gail B. Tyler ichael A. Robertson
 1996-97 Wendy Lee Chin & Douglas Gene Wilkinson  1975-76 Barbara Allen & Greg Manley
 1995-96 D. Claire Carothers & Geoben A. Johnson  1974-75 Susan L. Crowe & Gordon W. Dotson
 1994-95 Paul B. Tilmon & Faith Marie Adamson  1973-74 Anita Hennigan & George White
 1993-94 Ronda Lynn Harrison & Brent Ray Duplechin  1972-73 Edgar H. Webb & Gail B. Tyler
 1992-93 Ronda L. Harrison & Charles E. Colvin 1971-72 Kathy L. Odom & Van J. Lambert
 1991-92 Jackie Kaye Harris & John Banks Tilmon   1970-71 Barbara J. Sweet & John W. Hollingsworth


 Dr. Luke E. Thomas

Dr. Luke E. Thomas "Kinesiology Scholars" Award

This award is given in honor of Dr. Luke Thomas, in recognition of his research in the field of kinesiology, his high professional standards, and his efforts to peak the scholarly interests of his students.  Dr. Thomas is a senior faculty member within the department and has served as both the Kinesiology Department Head and Dean of the College of Education and Human Development. He has a distinguished academic career involving kinesiology scholarship at the state, regional and national levels.

This award is granted to one undergraduate and one graduate student major each year who demonstrate the potential for excellence in the field of kinesiology scholarly activity.  Undergraduate student candidates must have a 3.0 GPA, have completed a minimum of 60 hours, and are currently enrolled at ULM in one of the Kinesiology concentrations.  Graduate student candidates must be enrolled full-time as a graduate student pursuing a degree in Exercise Science, must have a minimum graduate 3.25 GPA, and must demonstrate the potential for excellence in kinesiology scholarly activity as evidenced by presenting at the ULM research symposium and/or other discipline-specific professional meetings.

2008-2009 - Brian Sullivan (Graduate)

2008-2009 - Braden Guidry (Undergraduate)


Ada Bess Hart

Ada Bess Hart Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given in honor of Miss Ada Bess Hart, in recognition of her wide knowledge in the field of physical education, her high professional standards, and her unfailing sympathetic interest un the individuals whose good fortune it was to be her students.  Miss Hart was a pioneer on the faculty of the The University of Louisiana at Monroe, serving the University family from 1936 until her retirement in 1967.

This award is granted to the most active member of A.S.K., who holds at least a 2.5, has completed a minimum of 30 hours, and is currently enrolled at ULM.

2011-2012 - Kelsey McClung

Past Winners

2010-2011- Alecia LeBlanc

2009-2010 - Alecia LeBlanc

2008-2009 - Summer Bennett

2007-2008 - Kristen Gordey

2006-2007 - Kate Wadsworth

2005-2006 TBA

2004-2005 TBA

2003-2004 TBA

2002-2003 TBA

2001-2002 TBA

2000-2001 TBA


Dr. Billy Daniel

Dr. Billy Daniel Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was established by family and friends in memory of Dr. Billy Daniel, who was Department Chairman of Kinesiology at ULM from 1978 to 1998.  The purpose is to provide scholarships for deserving Kinesiology students. To qualify for the scholarship, a student must meet the following:  The recipient must be a full-time student pursuing their first undergraduate degree in Kinesiology.  As an incoming freshman, recipient(s) must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA in high school.  A university student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA in college courses.  The recipient(s) must be a resident of Ouachita Parish.

The scholarship will first become available in the future.

Dr. Lucy Small

Dr. Lucy Shackelford Memorial Scholarship

A letter from Dr. Shackelford to her students

This award is granted to one, or more, outstanding undergraduate KINS heath/physical education teacher certification majors.  Each recipient must maintain a 3.0 semester GPA, maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA in the major, maintain a 3.0 overall, and must complete at least 12 hours each semester.  Each recipient must have completed a minimum of 36 hours, and must exemplify the best in good citizenship, dedication, and a passion for quality physical education instruction similar to that which Dr. Shackelford demonstrated every day in her classroom here at ULM.

2011-2012 - Colton Bernstein

Past Winners

2010-2011 Aleisha LeBlanc, Nicholas Seth Long, and Kelsie Elizabeth Coats

2009-2010 Jody Powell, Alecia LeBlanc, and Nicholas Seth Long

2008-2009 Katelyn Chop and Deann Vandergracht

2007-2008 Angela Drane and Kendrick Shepherd

2005-2006 TBA

2004-2005 TBA

2003-2004 TBA

2002-2003 TBA

2001-2002 TBA

2000-2001 TBA