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A.M. Best
A.M. Best Company is a credit rating organization, and it is very well-known and trusted. There is no cost to sign up for a basic account, but it has some limitations. It can provide news, press releases, information on legal claims by state, and more.

This is a very large link hub site with a variety of resources, like directories, specialized search engines, articles, job postings, and more. There are also discussion forums for specific subjects in insurance.

Although there are ads on its pages, this site can be useful as a directory. It provides insight on all types of insurance and statistics on type and cost of insurance. There are articles containing useful advice, news, FAQs and more.

The Institutes - Risk Insurance and Knowledge Group
This site is formerly known as the American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (AICPCU). The Institutes - Risk Insurance and Knowledge Group "are the leader in delivering proven knowledge solutions that drive powerful business results for the risk management and property casualty industry."

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards & Commissions (IAIABC)
The IAIABC "is a not-for-profit trade association representing government agencies charged with the administration of workers' compensation systems throughout the United States, Canada, and other nations and territories." The website has some useful literature, like surveys, presentations, and documents. There is also a message board, here called a web board.

Louisiana Department of Insurance
This website has quite a few useful resources. It can be a quick way to reach specific offices in the department (fraud, Commissioner of Insurance, legal, etc.) and to find forms.

Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association
LIGA was created in 1970 to protect the insured when an insurance provider itself collapses. It covers property and casualty insurance. It has an Insolvency Updates page that shows what companies are insolvent, when it happened, the POC Filing Deadline, and the state where it resided. This site also publishes LIGA annual reports.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners
The NAIC's primary concerns are ethics and making sure insurance providers are fair to the public and fair to competition. The site has news, alerts, legislative information (sometimes appearing alongside relevant articles), meeting information, and much more. Separate parts of the site are dedicated to consumers, industry, and members.

The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA)
PIA represents insurance agents in the United States and Puerto Rico. The site has papers on topics like flood insurance and crop insurance, news, information on events, a Spanish language section for "agentes latinos," and more.

The National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds
"The NCIGF monitors national insurance activities and coordinates information for multi-state insolvencies." The website has news and updates, reports, manuals, directories, and a useful links page.

PCI a property/casualty trade association and it promotes members' public policy positions. The site has news, articles on industry issues, an RSS feed, and other pages related to the association.

Society of Insurance Research
As its name implies, Society of Insurance Research (SIR) promotes research in insurance and respect for doing it. There is news and information on events, and the site's collection of links is very nice.