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Facility Master Plan

Individual Building Assessments

Individual building assessments are available by contacting Michael Davis, Facilities Planning Officer, at the contact information located at the lower left of this web page.

Please indicate the Building Assessment, based on the building numbering sequence below or by using the building number/name schema is outlined in the Facilities Site Map.

Not all campus buildings are listed.

001-Testing Center 002-University House 003-Hemphill Hall
004-Bayou Commons 1 005-Bayou Commons 2 006-Bayou Village Suites
013-Ag Mechanical Building 015-Bayou Village Apts. (Bldg. 5) 016-Bayou Village Apts. (Bldg. 6)
017-Bayou Village Apts. (Bldg. 7) 018-Bienville Building (Pharmacy) 019-Student Health Services
020-Softball Restrooms 021-Softball Concessions 022-Soccer (4709 Bon Aire)
023-Child Development Center 101-Filhiol Hall 102-Biedenharn Hall
103-Brown Hall 104-Brown Auditorium 105-Brown Gymnasium
106-Bry Hall 107-Stubbs Hall 108-Caldwell Hall
109-Hanna Hall  110-Garrett Hall 111-Sandel Hall 
112-Walker Hall  113-Fant-Ewing Coliseum  114-Brown Stadium
115-Student Union (SUB) 117-Sugar Hall 118-Strauss Hall
119-Band Building 120-Heard Stadium (Tennis)  121-Oxford Natatorium 
122-Malone Stadium 123-Construction Building 125-Baseball Stadium
126-Chemistry and Natural
Science Building
128-University Library 205-Madison Hall
207-Ouachita Hall 210-Masur Hall 228-RSVP (905 Filhiol)
300-University Residence 301-Student Success Center 302-Schulze Dining Hall
303-Coenen Hall 405-Anna Gray Noe Alumni Center 406-Student Activity Center
407-Advancement Building
(3601 DeSiard)
501-Maintenance Building 502-Grounds Building
503-Auto Shop 504-Warehouse/Physical Plant 505-Property Control Storage
506-Maintenance Building Equipment 511-Custodial Services 613-Educational Talent Search
(3815 Bon Aire)
615-SCSEP (600 Cole) 616-Golf House (4503 Bon Aire) 617-Athletic Grounds
619-Residential Maintenance
(4401 Peyton)
625-ULM Booster House IMT-Intermodal Transit Facility