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MLT to MLS Online Degree Program
MLS Bridge Program

Transcript Evaluation

Interested?  There is no obligation to have your transcript(s) evaluated.  Here are the steps you need to take:
  1. Notify the MLS Bridge Coordinator by email  (chapman@ulm.edu) stating your interest in the program.
  2. Send all transcripts to the MLS Bridge Coordinator for initial evaluation (unofficial transcripts are acceptable for the initial unofficial evaluation).  Be sure that you include a valid email address.
  3. Upon receiving the transcripts, the MLS Bridge Coordinator will evaluate the transcripts and notify you by email regarding the courses that will transfer and the courses you have remaining to complete the  BS degree in Medical Laboratory Science.
  4. If you decide to apply to the MLS Bridge Program, you must apply to the University and fulfill the University  requirements to be eligible to apply to the MLS Bridge Program.
  5. Complete and submit the application packet for the MLS Bridge Program. This process can occur concurrently with the ULM's application process.
  6. The MLS Bridge Coordinator will contact you regarding acceptance into the MLS Bridge Program.