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Policy on Adjunct Faculty

Description:  An adjunct faculty member is an individual who is employed by the University to serve in a specific teaching, research or clinical capacity.  The individual is typically considered to be serving in a temporary or auxiliary capacity.  Adjunct faculty may be employed at the rank of instructor, assistant, associate or professor level.

I.  Individuals who provide special service to ULM through their expertise, knowledge, or experience may be appointed as adjunct faculty and be so listed in the Catalog.  Examples of such service may include:

II.  The dean and the department head will consult on the appropriate rank of adjunct faculty appointments based upon:

III.  The department head will submit his/her recommendation on the appropriate form to the appropriate dean.

IV.  The Academic Dean of the College where service is rendered will request the approval of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for appointment and listing of the adjunct faculty member in the Catalog.  Forms are provided for that purpose.  In addition, the name must be submitted by the Dean along with those of new faculty for the Catalog.

Part time faculty are frequently also referred to as adjunct faculty who are employed on a course-by-course basis.

* As determined by the department head in conjunction with the Dean.