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Natural Products Chemistry

Natural products chemistry embraces many of the concepts and techniques as well as most of the fundamental knowledge that is common with medicinal chemistry. The distinguishing feature is that this area involves the study of natural products from plants, animals and microbes. The products may be therapeutically useful or toxic. 

Natural products chemistry endeavors to examine the natural source, mechanisms whereby the source biosynthetically constructs the product, processes whereby the product can be isolated from the source and techniques used to identify the product. These studies lay the ground work for the pharmacological evaulation of a potentially useful natural product or biochemical investigation of a natural toxin.

A plan of study in natural products would emphasize courses in natural products and medicinal chemistry, chemistry, botany, and microbiology with support courses in pharmacology and pharmaceutics.

Required Courses

Chemistry 4007 OR Chemistry 5041 & 5042 Instrumental Analysis
Chemistry 5051 and 5052 Biochemistry
Pharmacy 4009 Medicinal Chemistry II
Pharmacy 5066 and 5068 Advanced Medicinal Analysis
Pharmacy 5000 Molecular Structure & Function of Proteins
Pharmacy 5031 Synthetic Medicinals
Pharmacy 5039 Special Topics
Pharmacy 5052 Seminar
Pharmacy 5069 Concepts in Drug Design
Pharmacy 5099 OR Pharmacy 5099 Thesis Research/Dissertation Research

Faculty with interests in Natural Products Chemistry

Dr. Ronald Hill, Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Khalid El Sayed, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry