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Research in pharmaceutics involves all aspects of design, development, and evaluation of effective dosage forms/delivery systems, and entails one or more interdisciplinary areas that include physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical analysis, drug delivery, biopharmaceutics, and pharmacokinetics.

Research in these areas offers interdisciplinary framework and provides comprehensive programs of course work leading to a Ph.D. degree. The areas of specialization within pharmaceutics may range from strongly physicochemical to highly biological in orientation. The overall objective of our program is to educate and train individuals capable of conducting independent research with specialized knowledge in one of the above areas.

Required Courses

Chemistry 4001 Physical Chemistry
Chemistry 4007 Instrumental Analysis
Math 4001 Differential Equations
Math 5020 and 5021 Statistical Methods for the Experimenter
Pharmacy 5013 Pharmacokinetics
Pharmacy 5014 Advanced Biopharmaceutics
Pharmacy 5077 Pharmaceutical Preforumulations
Pharmacy 5078 Solid State Chemistry of Drugs
Pharmacy 5079 Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Design
Pharmacy 5083 Surface and Interfacial Phenomena
Pharmacy 5084 Chemical Kinetics and Stability of Pharmaceuticals

Additional Courses for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree

Chemistry 4002 Physical Chemistry
Pharmacy 5066 Advanced Medicinal Analysis
Pharmacy 5068 Advanced Medicinal Analysis Lab
Math 5022 Multivariate Statistical Methods for Researchers
Math 4005 Partial Differential Equations

Faculty with interests in Pharmaceutics

Dr. Georgios Matthaiolampakis, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics