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Pharmacology is the study of the effects of chemicals on living systems and may include the study of individual molecules and cells, tissues or whole organisms. The field of pharmacology occupies a central position in the continuum of biomedical sciences such that there are often unclear boundaries between pharmacology and, for example, the fields of toxicology, biochemistry, physiology, pathology and microbiology.

Training in this discipline offers the student a wide diversity of areas of inquiry and may prepare the student for a broad range of career opportunities in academia, industry and government.

Required Courses

Core Curriculum
Pharmacy 4009 Organic Medicinal Chemistry II
Pharmacy 4013 Pharmacology III
Pharmacy 4014 Pharmacology IV
Pharmacy 5021 Advanced Pharmacology
Pharmacy 5022 Advanced Pharmacology Laboratory
Math 5020 Statistical Methods for the Experimenter I
Math 5021 Statistical Methods for the Experimenter II
Pharmacy 5027 Neuropharmacology
Pharmacy 5028 Cardiac & Renal Pharmacology
Pharmacy 5050 Biochemical Toxicology
Pharmacy 5081 Advanced Toxicology
Pharmacy 5082 Advanced Toxicology Laboratory
Pharmacy 4032 Biopharmaceutics
Pharmacy 5013 Pharmacokinetics
Pharmacy 5014 Advanced Biopharmaceutics
Chemistry 5051 and 5052 Biochemistry

Faculty with interests in Pharmacology

Dr. Karen Briski, Professor of Pharmacology, Department Head

Dr. Paul Sylvester, B.J. Robinson/Pfizer Endowed Professor of Pharmacology

Dr. Girish Shah, Calhoun Endowed Professor of Pharmacology

Dr. Yong-Yu Liu, Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Dr. Keith Jackson, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Dr. Nektarios Barabutis, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology