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College of Pharmacy

The quality of the graduate degrees granted by the College of Pharmacy at ULM depends upon the qualifications and expertise of faculty involved in the entire graduate educational experience.  Review of graduate faculty is designed to account for quality, expertise, and participation in graduate education.


A faculty member who is being considered for associate appointment or continued graduate faculty appointment is expected to show evidence of ongoing creative activity.  Therefore, in order to continue to serve as a graduate faculty member, evidence of achievement in the following areas must be provided (* denotes associate graduate faculty):

Department criteria for evidence of scholarly activity and graduate teaching effectiveness shall be on file in the office of the Director of Graduate Studies and Research in the College of Pharmacy.

Appeals Process

If reappointment to the Graduate Faculty is denied the applicant may appeal:

  1. Notify the Director of Graduate Studies in the College of Pharmacy in writing and submit relevant information in support of the appeal.
  2. The Director of Graduate Studies shall then notify the Dean.
  3. The appeal shall be reviewed by the faculty member's Dean, the Graduate Council, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs in the order indicated.
  4. Each reviewer shall forward the appeal with recommendation to the next reviewer.
  5. The President shall formally grant or deny appointment to Graduate Faculty status.
  6. Records of these appeals and decisions shall be maintained in the Graduate School.