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Student Printing Information

Student printing is funded through the Student Technology Access Plan.  Thus since printing is funded by STAP for the given semester, ONLY actively, enrolled students taking classes are allowed to print. 

Students begin the semester with 300 credits.  Students are then allotted 150 print credits at or around midnight Sunday morning of each week.  The maximum credits a student may have at any given time is 300 credits.  These do not accumulate over the course of the semester.  

The cost of printing is as follows:

Please review your print job before printing to avoid layout errors, etc.  Once you select Pay and Print from the print release station, you will be charged for the prints and no refunds will be given for errors in relation to selections made by the user.  Refunds are issued for problems due to defective equipment, i.e. paper jams or toner smears that will deem the print unacceptable to turn in for academic grading.  These issues should be directed to Marcia Wells, Pharmacy Technology Manager.  The issue will then be forwarded by Ms. Wells to the appropriate computing center staff for review.  Please allow 24 hours for the refund to be reviewed during normal working days.  

Printing from a personal device is allowed.  This can be done via the web browser at myprint.ulm.edu.  

Acceptable printing formats are:  Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Adobe PDF and picture files.  The Web Print service is only for black/white printing and will automatically be duplexed.