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Because of a growing need for pharmacy profession leaders to be proficient in both the practice of pharmacy and knowledgeable in the business of pharmacy, the ULM College of Pharmacy and the ULM College of Business and Social Sciences offer a dual degree program for the professional pharmacy student to graduate with both the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.  In addition to completing the curriculum of the PharmD program, the dual degree student will also complete the curriculum of the Pharmacy concentration of the MBA degree.  Some coursework will overlap between the two degree programs.  The dual degree program requires a high level of academic commitment due to the additional responsibilities of working simultaneously on two rigorous academic degrees.

Dual Degree Requirements:

1.  Prerequisite Requirements:

a.  Current enrollment in the PharmD Program.

b.  Good standing and successful completion of the first year PharmD program with a minimum cumulative professional GPA of 3.5 and receipt of the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) degree or other previous undergraduate degree.  

(The requirement of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or GRE is waived for PharmD students due to successful completion of the PCAT exam.)

c.  Complete and submit the Pharmacy-CBSS MBA Application.

d.  Obtain signature approvals from the College of Pharmacy Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the College of Business and Social Sciences Associate Dean (MBA Coordinator) to validate a student applicant meets qualifications for dual degree program. 

e.  Successful completion, current enrollment, and/or planned enrollment in MBA background prerequisite courses as follows at either the undergraduate or graduate level:

Undergraduate business courses:

Graduate business courses:

2.  Other Requirements:

a.  Application submission date - Students may apply for the dual degree PharmD/MBA degree during the spring semester of the P1 year (or thereafter); acceptance into the program will be pending as based on completion of the above requirements.

b.  Admission approval notification date - Students will be notified of pending acceptance and of final admission after a student's application has been processed and upon completion of the above requirements.

c.  Primary student major - A student's primary major must remain as PharmD in Banner for students enrolled in the PharmD/MBA dual degree program.

d.  Advisement for class enrollment - Students will meet with both their PharmD advisor and the MBA Coordinator during posted advising time periods to determine optimal semester class enrollment.  

e.  Maintain a 3.0 cumulative PharmD GPA - If a dual degree student's cumulative PharmD GPA falls below 3.0, the student will be required to put the MBA on hold until the PharmD GPA returns to 3.0 or greater or after completion of the PharmD degree.

f.  Meet academic standards compliance for both PharmD and MBA programs - Dual-degree students are required to remain in compliance with the academic standards of each degree granting unit.  For example, a student has to satisfy the College of Pharmacy GPA requirements solely on the basis of graded pharmacy school coursework, and a student has to satisfy the Graduate School's GPA requirements solely on the basis of graded graduate coursework taken within the Graduate School.

g.  Meet "30 hour" rule in earning MBA degree - In earning the MBA degree, a student must have earned 30 credit hours towards the MBA degree that are not applied towards the PharmD degree (i.e. 24 credit hours of MBA courses plus six hours of background/prerequisite courses).

h.  Completion of PharmD and MBA degrees - A student can complete the MBA degree at the same time or after earning the PharmD degree; however, a student cannot complete the MBA degree prior to completing the PharmD degree.


For More Information, Contact:

Dr. Laurel Sampognaro Laurel Sampognaro, PharmD
Director of Student Success
Bienville 176B
Phone:  318-342-3800
Email: sampognaro@ulm.edu
Dr. Michael Cockerham Michael Cockerham, PharmD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Bienville 102E
Email: cockerham@ulm.edu