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The pharmacy profession may have been the logical career choice for Trey and Bailey Book given that it runs in their family, but they seem to have found their way to the ULM College of Pharmacy (ULM COP) for another reason – the desire to help people. Trey and Bailey are current second-year and first-year pharmacy students, respectively.

Their father, George Book, is a 1994 graduate of the ULM COP, formerly Northeast Louisiana University (NLU), and practices as a retail pharmacist at his two stores, Book’s Pharmacy in Vidalia, Louisiana, and J & K Drugs in Columbia, Louisiana. Book said he initially chose pharmacy as his profession because it sounded good on scholarship applications, but once he got into the program, he realized he couldn’t have imagined doing anything else with his life. He is passionate about retail pharmacy and the opportunity it gives him to take care of patients and help them make healthy decisions. “Pharmacy has given me an outlet to help people in my community and that is what makes it such a great profession,” said Book.

Trey and Bailey may have been influenced to pursue a career in pharmacy because they grew up around the profession, but it is clear that the calling to help people, much of which they learned from their dad, is the driving force behind their decision to attend pharmacy school. Bailey said, “I know saying I just want to help people is such a cliché answer, but I think that is the ultimate reward in the pharmacy profession. I have watched my Dad help so many of his patients in times of need, and I would love to keep that tradition going.”

Trey is passionate about independent pharmacy and helping the local community on a daily basis. While Bailey says she loves the atmosphere of their independent pharmacies, she may like to branch out to the area of compounding or maybe even work in a hospital upon her graduation in 2023.

When asked why she chose ULM, Bailey said it was a “comfort thing” for her as both her parents are ULM alumni and her brother was already in pharmacy school. However, she said it did not take long for her to fall in love with the University during her undergraduate years. Now as a professional pharmacy student, she said the ULM COP has exceeded all her expectations. “It is truly an honor to be able to attend ULM COP, and I am so thankful for the faculty and staff here and how they genuinely care for all students,” she said. So far, her favorite pharmacy school experience has been receiving her white coat and already becoming great friends with some of her classmates. 

Trey said that all of the pharmacists he knows are graduates of ULM COP and they are all great pharmacists, so that’s why he wanted to attend pharmacy school here. So far, his favorite memory of pharmacy school has been making an A on his first drug action test. When he’s not studying and preparing for tests, you might find Trey helping his dad out at the pharmacies back home or enjoying one of his hobbies, riding horses. 

The closeness to his home was a selling point for George to attend pharmacy school in Monroe, but he said once he got into the program, he quickly realized what a top-notch University he was attending. Graduating and passing boards is still a pharmacy school highlight for him. 

When asked what advice they would give to someone interested in a career in pharmacy, George said, “I would say that all of the hard work and long study hours are worth it! Being a pharmacist brings so many rewards and once you begin practicing, you will see just what I am talking about.” Trey would advise trying to find a local pharmacy and start working. He said there is no better way to learn about pharmacy than to get involved and learn by experience.

Bailey’s advice would be to never give up. “Although you will be presented with challenges, the biggest challenges usually give the best reward,” she said. The Books would agree that it also helps to have a good support system for those challenging times. Bailey said that although her mother, Telina Book, is not a pharmacist, she is the rock and go-to for them when things get tough and that their success would not be possible without her. 

The Books are a great example of how the pharmacy profession can change a life, be it the life of the pharmacist or the patient. As one can see, the value they place on the profession and the calling they have had to serve others is admirable. We are proud to call them part of our ULM COP Pharmily!