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LaGrange Legacy

The LaGrange'sThe LaGranges of Lafayette, LA, are a perfect example of a legacy family with strong ties to ULM and the profession of pharmacy.

Kevin and Cathy LaGrange thank the ULM College of Pharmacy (ULM COP), formerly NLU School of Pharmacy, for their education and their marriage! As Kevin and Cathy were on track to fulfill their dreams of becoming pharmacists, the stars were also aligning for them to meet and eventually be married. Some of their favorite memories from pharmacy school include Spring Fever, Pharmacy Formals, and the lifelong friends they made along the way. However, their favorite memory is, of course, meeting each other! Even though the Science building where they first met is no longer standing, they can still cherish those memories and the fun times they had has pharmacy students.

Kevin, a 1991 graduate of the NLU School of Pharmacy, worked as a pharmacy technician after high school graduation. He said working with several pharmacists, many of whom were NLU alumni, during that time helped influence his decision to attend pharmacy school and to attend in Monroe. Kevin would like to give a big shout out of thanks to all the UMC & LGMC employees who supported him and encouraged him to pursue a career in pharmacy. Kevin currently works at The Apothecary Shoppe in Lafayette. When asked what area of pharmacy he is particularly passionate about he said, “interacting and solving patient’s problems in the compounding and home health/home infusion industry have proven to be a very rewarding work environment.”

Cathy Mathies LaGrange, a 1992 graduate of the NLU School of Pharmacy, said she always wanted to work in the medical field and was really interested in pharmacy. During her high school years, she worked for her mentor, George Boudreaux. George encouraged and inspired her to continue on this career path, a path which led her to Monroe to pursue a pharmacy degree at ULM. She said she chose ULM because of its reputation as a great pharmacy school. Cathy currently works for Walgreens. She said she has always worked in a retail setting and loves interacting with her customers.

Fast-forward approximately 25 years and now their son, Christopher, is currently a second-year pharmacy student at ULM. He also recently received the first Dufilho Society Legacy Student Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a pharmacy student who is the child, sibling, or immediate family member of a Dufilho Society Member, ULM COP alumnus or ULM alumnus who demonstrates a commitment to the ULM COP.

Pharmacy was an easy career choice for Christopher as he has been around the profession his entire life, but he also says he is really interested in the changing industry and what that will mean for him and his future in pharmacy. When Christopher isn’t busy studying or participating in pharmacy school activities, he works at Aron’s Pharmacy in Monroe. Even with his busy schedule he still finds time for other passions and has participated in three technology mission trips to Costa Rica and Haiti. 

Kevin and Cathy also find time for extracurricular activities. For example, Cathy has been a member of Junior League of Lafayette for 11 years and currently serves on the management team. Kevin was recently appointed to the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy – what an honor!

When asked what advice they would give to someone looking to a career in pharmacy the LaGranges said, “explore all types of pharmacy before deciding on what path to follow. Get involved in your school and pharmacy organizations and pay attention to pharmacy legislation as it will directly affect your profession.”

We thank this legacy family for sharing their story with us and are proud to call the LaGranges part of our ULM COP Pharmily!