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Simone Ginn  Name:  Simone Ginn
Hometown:  New Roads, LA
Graduation year:  1984
Current residence:  Baton Rouge, LA

Please share a little bit about yourself.

I currently work as a Pharmacy Clinical Services Manager with Walmart. My responsibilities include training pharmacists, promoting clinical services, and implementing new clinical services. 

My hobbies include flower gardening, reading, sewing, and travel. When I get bored with those, I have a list of DIY projects on Pinterest. 

Why did you choose the School of Pharmacy at ULM (formerly NLU)?

I chose NLU because of its reputation and I wanted to stay in Louisiana. I also wanted to attend a university where my professors would know me and I wasn't a number. I got exactly what I wanted. 

Why did you choose pharmacy for your profession?

My mother, an RN, was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was a freshman in high school. Prescription bottles lined her dresser and I was curious as how each one played a role in her recovery. I told her I wanted to be a nurse like her. She died during my senior year of high school. Two months before she died she told me that I would be a great pharmacist. And she was right. 

What is your favorite memory from your time in pharmacy school?

I have so many good memories from my pharmacy school days. Some are not printable. Rat lab was an experience (not a happy one) I'll never forget. I made it through the entire semester without ever holding a rat. On the day of the final exam we had to inject a rat with an unknown drug and identify the drug by the side effects and reactions of the rat. The grad assistant told us that in order to pass the class we had to hold the rat while our partner injected his drug. Three thoughts raced through my mind: change my major, retake the class, or hold the rat. Still don't know how I did it.

NLU gave me priceless gifts of friendships. My closest friends today were with me in the halls of Sugar Hall 30 plus years ago. 

How did ULM (formerly NLU) prepare you for your career?

A curriculum can be taught anywhere. At NLU, it was different. The professors wanted us to succeed and they gave each student individual attention to accomplish that goal. 

If you could give advice to a student considering the pharmacy school at ULM, what would you say?

There are a lot of schools to choose from, but the best one is located in Monroe, LA. By choosing ULM, I got more than knowledge. I got passion, determination and love for my profession.