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Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

Pre-pharmacy coursework has been developed to provide students with the necessary background and knowledge to be successful in the professional program. 

Below is a list of the coursework that must be completed in order to be eligible for the pharmacy program. Please note that although the total number of course hours listed as required for pharmacy eligibility is 77, there are additional courses that may be required due to their status as prerequisites for the courses listed here. Only pre-pharmacy coursework completed in the 10 years prior to application to the professional school will be accepted. 

Contact Dr. Laurel Sampognaro for information about acceptable coursework that will transfer from other institutions or other questions.  

If you are pursuing your pre-pharmacy courses at ULM, you can find a recommended course sequencing here.

Area of Study/Required Courses Semester Credits
     Microbiology with lab 4
     Human or comparative anatomy with lab AND 8
     Human or mammalian physiology with lab
     Cell biology or cell physiology 3
     Genetics 3

     Economics 3

     Inorganic chemistry with lab 8
     Organic chemistry with lab 8
     Biochemistry 3

     English composition 6
     Technical writing 3

     Public Speaking 3

     Calculus 3
     Statistics 3

     General physics with lab 4

     Humanities 9
     Social Sciences 3
     Fine Arts 3
Total: 77


Pre-Pharmacy Organization

ULM students with an interest in pharmacy are encouraged to join the Pre-Pharmacy Organization (PPO), which is a professional organization designed to give pre-pharmacy students the opportunity to learn more about the profession and the process required for admission to the ULM College of Pharmacy. Student members are given opportunities to meet other pre-pharmacy and pharmacy students. Meetings are held every 3rd Thursday of the month at 5 pm in CNSB 100.

For more information contact President Toni Brooks, brookstm@warhawks.ulm.edu or Faculty Advisor Jana Carlson, carlson@ulm.edu

Click here for the PPO Wingspan page.

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