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Sal Scaccia  Name:  Sal Scaccia
Hometown:  Marrero, LA
Graduation year:  2002
Current residence:  New Orleans, LA

Please share a little about yourself.

I am the President of Operations of TLC Rx and the original founder of TLC Rx. 

I work a lot. Every now and then I get to travel. Traveling and new experiences are my favorite. Being from New Orleans, I am a huge foodie. I enjoy concerts and the New Orleans Saints. I make sure to experience new things as often as possible to keep life interesting! 

Why did you choose the School of Pharmacy at ULM (formerly NLU)?:

I wanted to be part of a school that had a smaller, family atmosphere while having an away from home experience. I also knew several people who attended NLU/ULM and all of them spoke highly of the professional program and their experiences with the school of pharmacy. 

Why did you choose pharmacy for your profession?

I really enjoy people. I also wanted to be able to help people on a higher level, and the medical field was always fascinating to me. Pharmacy was the perfect balance of making a difference and interacting regularly with the patients you serve. Being a pharmacist allows you to make a profound difference and impact on many lives. Opening a specialty pharmacy gave me the ability to help the most complex patients that people tend to shy away from. I enjoy the challenges! 

What is your favorite memory from your time in pharmacy school?

Without a doubt, one of my favorite memories was being on the Pharmacy School Student Council. It allowed me the opportunity to advocate for my fellow students while interacting with the staff of the School of Pharmacy. I believe in life balance for everyone. I loved being able to have an opinion and concern and being part of a group that was listened to and appreciated. The staff and professors were always open to hearing what the students wanted. We did not always get what we wanted, but that certainly prepared us for the profession of pharmacy! 

How did ULM (formerly NLU) prepare you for your career?

The School of Pharmacy definitely gave me the knowledge to practice pharmacy. The didactic training and experiential training were crucial to my current success. But the true secret to my success was the people of the School of Pharmacy. By people I mean the staff and professors and my fellow students. Relationships are key to success. What we learn from each other and what experiences we ultimately share mold us into the adults we become. 

If you could give advice to a student considering the pharmacy school at ULM, what would you say?

Dream big and work hard. It will not come easy. It will not be given to you. Remain diligent and focused on what you want. Demand a lot from ULM but expect to give a lot back to it. Trust in the education although you may have doubts from time to time. Ultimately make the most of your experience and the rewards will be great.