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Technology and the College of Pharmacy . . .

The technology needs of the College of Pharmacy range from multimedia classrooms and conference rooms to a laptop initiative for all our students.  We have a student computer lab and resources available for printing of research posters for conferences.

The technology team for the college is comprised of the pharmacy technology manager, who handles the classroom and equipment use issues; as well as the information technology specialist housed in our building who handles the software and hardware issues we encounter. 


IT Support Ticket Request

Tech Tips

Classroom Operational Instructions

Poster Printing

1.  Posters should be created based on one of the following templates.  
2.  Allow two days for poster printing, this could vary based on the number of posters being printed.
3.  Paper size is 42".  Routine printing size is 56"x42".  Other dimensions are allowed as long as they are within the 42" paper size.

Computer Information


Who to contact:

Marcia Wells Marcia Wells
Technology Manager
Phone:  318-342-1716
Email:  mwells@ulm.edu
Greg Andrews Greg Andrews
Information Technology Specialist
Phone:  318-342-3418
Cell:  318-381-6652
Fax: 318-342-5018
Email:  gandrews@ulm.edu