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Toxicology Faculty and Staff

Dr. Kevin Baer Kevin N. Baer, Associate Director, School of Basic Pharmaceutical & Toxicological Sciences
Waste Management Endowed Professor of Toxicology

Ph.D., Northeast Louisiana University, 1988
Postdoctoral, University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Research:  The evaluation of biochemical and physiological indicators of environmental stress in aquatic organisms, including low molecular weight metal binding proteins (metallothionein) end c-P450 enzyme systems.  Endocrine modulation following exposure to toxicants and subsequent alterations of reproduction and embryo development in fish.

Website:  ulm.edu/pharmacy/toxicology/baer 
Shannon Banks Shannon Banks, Instructor/Academic Advisor

M.S., Pharmaceutical Sciences, Northeast Louisiana University

B.S., Toxicology, Northeast Louisiana University

Teaching Interests: Forensic Toxicology, Environmental Risk Assessment
John Herrock John Herrock, Instructor

M.S. Biology, Northeast Louisiana University

B.S., Biology, Northeast Louisiana University

Teaching Interests: Industrial Hygiene
Dr. Meyer Sharon A. Meyer, Professor

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1984
Postdoctoral, Harvard Medical School and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Research:  Hepatotoxicity, neurotoxicity, hematotoxicity and disturbances in thyroid hormone homeostasis of herbicides and other nitrogenous compounds.

Website: ulm.edu/pharmacy/toxicology/meyer 
Dr. Burton Suedel Burton C. Suedel, Adjunct Professor

M.S., Biology, University of North Texas
Ph.D.,Biological Sciences, University of Mississippi
Research Biologist and Risk Integration Team Leader, US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg MS
Barbara White Barbara White, Administrative Assistant