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ULM Foundation Awards for Excellence

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Dear Colleagues,

It is time once again to begin the nomination process for the 2018 Foundation Awards for Excellence.

Our ULM Foundation makes this program possible, and allows us to recognize excellence in our faculty and staff in six major areas:

• Faculty Creative/Artistic Activity

• Faculty Teaching

• Faculty Research

• Service by Faculty

• Service by Unclassified Staff

• Service by Classified Staff

The process for selection includes submitting nominations, establishing committees, reviewing nomination packets and determining the award recipient in each of the six areas, and submitting names through the Vice President for Academic Affairs to the President.

The six recipients will be recognized during Fall 2018 University Week. Each person will receive a plaque and a one-time salary supplement less applicable deductions (Faculty and Unclassified Staff - $3,000 each and Classified Staff – 10% of their base annual salary not to exceed $3,000).

Guidelines for the awards may be downloaded by clicking here. Please review the guidelines carefully for complete instructions.

Nominations are due by January 31, 2018.