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President Nick J. Bruno

Investiture Speech by ULM Faculty President Dr. Donna Rhorer

Dr. Donna RhorerSunday, October 2, 2011

Download a PDF of Dr. Rhorer's Investiture Speech 

Good Afternoon, Dr. Bruno and Distinguished Guests—

Since arriving on campus, Dr. Bruno has extended his handshake to all of us—whether his handshake has been one of cooperation, or a handshake of goodwill, or one of purposeful intent to mean  “let’s get this job done”— this signature gesture of his—this handshake—has become emblematic of his generous spirit, his positive attitude, and his willingness to work collaboratively with all of us including administrators, faculty, and staff as we seek to provide excellence in education for all of our students. 

His handshake has also meant I’m here to listen, to consult, and to bring faculty and staff into the conversation as he has so expertly done by involving Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, faculty and staff, in projects and other endeavors around campus—in fact, this event today is a perfect example of his allowing administrators, faculty, and staff to share their gifts and to work together harmoniously to accomplish a goal.

Dr. Bruno’s handshake has also meant I’m here to embrace the community because he so wisely recognizes and understands the symbiotic relationship between community and campus.

Therefore today on behalf of the entire faculty and staff of ULM, I am pleased to acknowledge Dr. Bruno’s desire to make us one, to elevate our purpose to what is best for the common good, to move us to what best serves our students, and to call us to a higher goal than self, unit, or division but rather to call us to shape ULM into a community of exceptional endeavors and spectacular successes.   His is a call to continued excellence. 

Thus we extend to you, Dr. Bruno, our hands in our own handshake of congratulations, good will, and good wishes to you on this momentous occasion in your professional life and in the life of ULM. 

Thank you.

Download a PDF of Dr. Rhorer's Investiture Speech