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President Nick J. Bruno

Investiture Speech by ULM SGA President Brooke Dugas

SGA President Brooke DugasSunday, October 2, 2011

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Good afternoon.

It is truly an honor to speak of Dr. Nick J. Bruno today on behalf of the ULM student body. 

Nearly a year ago, all members of the ULM family anxiously awaited the announcement of our next president.  During the Presidential Search Process students specifically expressed their strong desire for our 8th president to be student-minded and highly engaged on campus. 

I believe I speak for all students in saying that President Bruno has been both since his arrival.  Since last November, he has made himself readily available to the student population.  He proves his genuine concern for students by continuously welcoming their suggestions and concerns and making every effort to meet the needs. 

From the beginning of his tenure, Dr. Bruno has been a very visible face.  He is regularly found greeting students throughout campus and socializing with them at university functions. Dr. Bruno’s visibility and accessibility is continuing to foster the warm sense of family in which ULM takes much pride.

Dr. Bruno brought with him a renewed excitement for ULM to campus.   He is a true believer in the excellence of this university and what it has to offer the Higher Education system. When speaking to students he reminds us of ULM’s greatness and the promising future before us.  We are always encouraged to extend support for ULM and spread its message to others. His fervency is helping to regenerate strong school pride throughout the university.  President Bruno’s intense passion for this institution is contagious and precisely what ULM needs in a leader.

On a more personal note, any student that has spent time with President Bruno can attest to his sincere humility.  Students value the level of respect extended to them from their president.  Of all of his traits, Dr. Bruno’s modesty has been most highly noted by his students. This characteristic is appreciated by students and helps to make him the approachable leader he is.

I asked one of ULM’s student leaders to describe Dr. Bruno in a few sentences.  The following was his response: “Dr. Bruno has an extremely down to earth personality.  He interacts with students like we are his equals, which puts us more at ease and makes us comfortable in expressing our opinions. 

Overall, he brings great experience, quality leadership, and a wide perspective to ULM, making him the perfect President for the university.”  I believe this quote effectively communicates the opinion students have of Dr. Bruno. 

Dr. Bruno, students couldn’t be more proud to call you their president. In your short time here you have earned the respect and appreciation of the student body.  Your concern for students and desire to better our institution is apparent. Students are confident in your leadership and vision for this school. 

We know you will continue to direct the University of Louisiana at Monroe in a positive direction and are looking forward to many great years under your leadership.

Thank you.


Download a PDF of Brooke Dugas' Investiture Speech