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ULM Prep Staff will serve as academy counselors

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What students say…

“I enjoyed my time in the President’s because I was able to have a hands-on with my future career field and see all of the different subfields of that. I also met some fellow campers who did wind up coming to ULM, making them some of the oldest friends I have here, in addition to the friends I found in my counselors.” - Blake Heck, Pre-Pharmacy

“President’s Academy was one of my most memorable experiences at ULM so far. It not only helped me decide to come to this school, but it also helped me form new friendships and connections with people. The Academy also taught me how to think innovatively and how to work well with others.” - Creek Baham, Pre-Pharmacy 

Discover the Science Behind the Fiction

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A mystery disease has appeared at a local hospital and threatens to become a worldwide epidemic. It is up to your team of specialists to develop a drug that can treat the disease, to create a mobile app that can assist your team and control the flow of information, and to try a case that protects the legal rights of individuals.