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Foundation Scholarship - Application Process

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Current high school seniors who have been admitted to ULM for Fall 2022
  • Currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students
  • International, out-of-state, and transfer students
  • Traditional and non-traditional students (Students who are 25 years or older)
  • Online degree students


Who are not eligible to apply?

  • Students who have not been admitted to ULM
  • Students who are graduating from ULM in May (Scholarships are awarded for the following Fall and Spring semester)


How to apply:

  • Students may log on to https://ulm.academicworks.com using their Warhawk login credentials and create a general application.
  • The general application will ask applicants to share information about their activities, honors, achievements, organizational participation and leadership.
  • Once the general application is submitted, it will be viewable in the students' Academic Works portals.
  • The Applicant Record tab contains all other information such as the student’s current term GPA, overall GPA, major, hours completed, hours enrolled, etc.
  • This information is imported from Banner, the university’s student information system.
  • Based on students’ general application and academic data, Academic Works will identify and match students two ways:


  • These scholarships match the student according to their general application and academic record.
  • The student does not need to do anything other than complete the general application to qualify for these scholarships.


  • An apply-to scholarship will have an “Apply” button next to it in the scholarship listing.
  • When the student clicks on "Apply", depending upon the scholarship, the student may be required to provide one or more of the following: essay, names and emails of references, and answer to a specific question(s) that could be used as qualifiers.
  • The student can save and submit their answers before the deadline.