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The ULM Cheerleading team consists of 25 – 28 All-Girl members and 4-6 Co-ed members. The team cheers at all football games, home basketball games and pep rallies; and makes appearances at soccer games, volleyball games, baseball/softball games, and community events. ULM Cheerleaders attends UCA College Cheerleading camp every summer and competes at UCA College Nationals. In 2015, the team placed 4th in the Division 1A All Girl Championship, out-ranking several top cheerleading teams.

ULM Cheerleading logoULM Cheerleaders group in front of LibraryULM Cheerleaders demonstrating routine at Malone StadiumCheerleaders at game with go warhawks signsULM Cheerleaders practiceULM Cheerleaders group photo at veteran's day eventULM Cheerleaders performing routineULM Cheerleaders performing at football game

ULM Cheerleading

ULM Cheerleading

ULM Cheerleaders in Malone Stadium

ULM Cheerleaders showing spirit on the field

ULM Cheerleading

ULM Cheerleaders at Veteran's Day event

ULM Cheerleaders performing routine at Malone Stadium

ULM Cheerleaders performing during football game


Why Choose ULM Cheer?

Here’s why, tuition at ULM is very affordable and being a part of the ULM Spirit Groups, your out-of-state tuition is waived. You have the opportunity to be rewarded $900 – $1500 a year in scholarships. As a student-athlete you will also have priority registration for classes each semester, which will almost guarantee access into required prerequisite classes you will need for your major. Also, as a member of the ULM Cheerleading team you will receive over $800 in Adidas gear, which is ULM’s sponsored athletic brand. ULM has built a new state-of-the-art Event Center, which holds Spirit Hall, a practice facility that is exclusive to spirit group members for all practicing and training needs. Our Spirit Squads also has a personal trainer that works to keep our members in shape year round.


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The ULM Cheerleaders attended UCA College Cheerleading Camp at the University of Texas at Austin where they competed in the Gameday and Fight Song Competiton and brought home 1st place in their Timeout Routine and 2nd place in Fight Song!



ULM Cheer Tryout Requirements

 All Girl Tumbling Requirements:
All Girl Stunts Requirements:
Co-ed Stunts Requirements:


Additional Tryout Information


**All ULM Cheer Practices, Clinics and Tryouts will be held in the Bayou Pointe facility**



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For more information, contact:

Sonni Bennett
Coordinator of Spirit Groups
Hawkline Coach
Student Center 248
(318) 342-5285

Patience Talley
Assistant Coordinator of Student Life and Spirit Groups
Cheerleading Coach
Student Center 249
(318) 342-5292