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In-House Hazing Prevention RSO Training Packet


Office of Student Life and Leadership

All Recognized Student Organizations are required to complete an annual in-house Hazing Prevention Training Seminar for all active members.

Upon intake of new members, training must be re-administered prior to the conclusion of the academic year.

Below are the instructions for completing training:

All members must sign in on the included roster. The organization advisor and president must sign off on the roster attesting to the validity of attendance.

An advisor and/or executive officers that attended the fall Hazing Prevention Training Seminar with Student Affairs must administer the training.

Included are the materials needed to administer the training for organization members. This includes a video, a PowerPoint, and an online module.

In-house Hazing Prevention Training Seminar must be completed no later than March 1, 2020.

In-house Hazing Prevention Training Seminar report must be submitted to Meagan Lee in the Office of Student Life and Leadership (Student Center #247) no later than 5:00 PM April 18, 2020.

Report must include a one page typed recap of the seminar administered by the advisor and/or executive officer(s) who administered it (example included), the signed roster (included), and a current list of all active RSO members.

Failure to comply will result in RSOs being suspended (frozen) and loss of event privileges for one full academic year.

Follow ups will be conducted by the Office of Student Life and Leadership each semester to ensure new members have completed the in-house training seminar.


Hazing Awareness Training PowerPoint

Hazing Awareness Training Sign-In

Hazing Prevention Training Report Form