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Oral Presentations

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Graduate Presentations

School of Behavioral and Social Sciences

"Facial coverings and perception of varying races"
   Quinn, Sivils, Carpenter, and Palmer

College of Pharmacy

"Oral delivery of nucleic acids with passive and active targeting to the intestinal tissue using polymer-based nanocarriers"
   Poudel, Napit, Briski, and Mattheolabakis

"Protective effects of GHRH antagonist against lung endothelial barrier dysfunction (EBD)"

"γ-tocotrienol inhibition of the metastatic phenotypic behavior is associated with a decrease in galectin-3 expression and distribution in the highly malignant mouse +SA & TS/A mammary tumor cells"
    Grazier and Sylvester

"Identification of the epigenetic landscape of calcitonin gene in prostate carcinogenesis"

"Conformationally constrained multicyclic grafted peptidomimetic as an immunomodulator"

School of Sciences

"An across species approach to pharmaceutical prioritization using fish reproduction data"


3MT Presentations

3MT presentations will not be available until after Monday, April 19. Those presentations will occur live on that day. Please see the main Symposium page for the schedule to see when 3MT presentations will occur.


Poster Presentations

Graduate Posters

School of Allied Health

"Clinical decision making for childhood apraxia of speech: A research application process"
   LeBlanc, Jasienska, Burr, and Heard

"Clinical decision making: A case study presentation"
   Bellard, Franklin, and Jesina

"Clinical decision making: A case study presentation"
   Best, Childs, and Lofton

"Clinical decision making - Fluency"
   Bihm, Hickman, King, and Thames

"Literacy intervention case study project"
  Edge, Mannon, Scanlan, and Sikes

"Clinical decision making in early intervention: A research application project"
   Hancock, Hudnall, Johnson, and Rowland

"The effects of proprioceptive input on participation in functional activities: Parents' perceptions"
   Boudreaux, Carter, Cayce, Karr, Paepke, and Mike

"Compliance with home exercise programs in post-shoulder injury outpatient occupational therapy clients"
    Appleby, Brown, LeGros, Lynch, Minter, and Mike

School of Behavioral and Social Sciences

"Significance of perceived parental warmth on early-childhood learning strategies"
   Mize, Maharjan, Farquhar, Shrestha, Basnet, and Ashworth

College of Pharmacy

"Identification of constituents of hydroethanolic Echinacea extracts active in free radical quenching by n-Hexane partitioning and chemometric analyses"
   Muthumula, Nagumalli, Mcgehee, Carstens, Landingham, El Sayed, and Meyer

"A pH-sensitive liposome formulation of peptidomimetic-doxorubicin conjugate for targeted delivery of anticancer conjugate on HER2 positive lung and breast cancer"
   Sonju, Singh, Dahal, and Jois

[NEM-PSA combination test for prostate cancer]

"Luminespib counteracts the Kifunensine-induced lung endothelial barrier and dysfunction"
   Kubra, Uddin, Akhter, and Barabutis

"The anticancer effects of the vitamin E isoform, γ-tocotrienol, and vitamin D3 act synergistically to inhibit MDA-MB-231 triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) cell proliferation and viability in vitro"
   Anwar and Sylvester

"Hsp90 inhibition protects the hCMEC/D3 brain microvascular endothelial cells against oxidative stress"
   Uddin, Akhter, Kubra, and Barabutis

"γ-tocotrienol inhibition of androgen receptor (AR) expression and activation in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) MDA-MB-231 and MDA-MB-453 cells is associated with a reduction in cellular proliferation"
  Sultana, Aldabaan, and Sylvester

School of Sciences

"Hopscotch overexpression in virgin adult female fat body decreases survivability and alters metabolic parameters in the high fat diet obesity model of Drosophila melangaster"
   Grieve, Patel, Shah, and Talbert

"Presence of Tritrichomonas foetus in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) populations found in Louisiana"
   Hebert and Tolson

"Pilot study of an undiagnosed disease affecting freshwater turtles in a Northeast Louisiana bayou"
   Jenkins and Tolson

"Ozone stimulates the production of anthocyanins as a secondary antioxidant defense in Arabidopsis thaliana"

"In vivo overexpression of hopscotch in the gut modulates insulin-like peptide signaling in virgin female Drosophila melangaster under various nutrient conditions"
    Shah, Grieve, Patel, and Talbert

Undergraduate Posters

School of Allied Health

"The examination of breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding on early childhood caries: A rapid systematic review"
   Grant, Stewart, Henn, Fontenot, and Franco

"Quality care of elderly with pre-existing cardiovascular comorbidities and COVID-19"
   Mahoney, Guice, Deere, and Giddens

"Musculoskeletal disorder prevalence and prevention in dental professionals: A rapid systematic review"
    Jones, LaMartiniere, Nguyen, Robinson, Vines, and Ware

"A rapid systematic review: The long-term health effects of vaping amongst teens"
   Theall, Walker, Nguyen, Vidrine, Taylor, and Sims

"Prevention and treatment of periodontal disease"
   Aucoin, Castille, Coscino, Easterling, and Holden

"Oral hygiene in children with special healthcare needs: A rapid systematic review"
   Nguyen, Pizzolato, Powell, Rehms, and Romero

School of Behavioral and Social Sciences

"Gender differences in intrinsic motivation"
  Authenment, Rich, Bourque, Tackett, and McDaniel

"Perceptions of compassion in sunglass wearers"
   Katuwal, Shrestha, Ghimire, Sivils, and Palmer

"Perception of business communication among college students"

School of Sciences

"Synthesis of Cd-Se quantum dots with a phosphine ligand"
   Rabalais, Perritt, Stewart, Pippins, Stage, and Barnett

"Exploring Role of GleIF4A in novel translation-initiation mechanism in Giardia lamblia through CRISPRi and Morpholino mediated gene knockdown"
   Johnson, McMahan, and Garlapati

"Photo- and electro-chemical cyclization of hydroxychalcones for the synthesis of flavonoids"
    Clifton, Dhakal, and Murru

"Synthesis and antiproliferative activity evaluation of 1,3-Diarylpyrazolones as potential anti-lung cancer agents"
    Lo, Vo, Dahal, Sekhar, Jois, and Murru

"Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1,3-Diarylpyrazoles: In vitro cytotoxicity studies on human melanoma cancer cells"
    Owunna, Bista, Basnet, Boateng, Roy, Chamcheu, and Murru