The Louisiana High School Technology Challenge. Teamwork + Technology = Success You can have incredible accomplishments through teamwork.
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Questions & Answers 
Here are some questions and answers regarding the Technology Challenge:

Q. What is the deadline for this annual online competition?
A. Here are the deadlines.

Q. What kind of competition is this? 
A. It's a 100% online educational event. This annual Louisiana High School Technology Challenge has been hosted by the University of Louisiana at Monroe since 2006. We believe that this competition can serve to revitalize our great state for a better and brighter future by encouraging high schools to recognize and reward the types of teamwork skills students need in their careers. Over the years, over 100 high schools and thousands of high school students across Louisiana have competed.

Q. Can our school enter more than one team?
A. Only one team can represent each high school. The maximum size of a high school team is 15 students.

Q. I'm interested in being a Team Coach. What do I need to know?
A. That's great! Please read this.

Q. I'm a high school student. I think I'm interested in participating. What do I need to know?
A. Wonderful! Please read this.

Q. What should we know in order to compete?
A. Here are the general guidelines of the Technology Challenge competition.

Q. What can our high school win?
A. Each of the 5 winning high school teams will earn an etched granite team trophy that will honor each school's efforts for excellence and T-shirts.

Q. Is any travel required?
A. No, there is no required school travel. Everything regarding this competition is done online. Your team uses an online password-protected team "Moodle" account for transferring files on the day of the Technology Challenge. 

Q. After we register our team, what do we need to do?
A. After your team registers, the Team Coach will receive instructions by email for logging into a password protected "Moodle" team account. On the day of the competition, your team will be able to access the Technology Challenge. When your team is finished, your team will upload the completed files to your online team account. When ALL of your 4 files are uploaded before the 11:59 AM deadline, your team is done. It's important to work as a team because there is a very stiff penalty for incomplete submissions.

Visual instructions will be provided for logging on to your online team "Moodle" account.

Q. How does our team prepare for the competition?
A. Your team should include a lot of diverse talent and creativity. Working well together, using your collective strengths, is your best strategy.

Here are a few tips:
1. Use your time well. You need to complete the competition during the morning before a strict deadline..
2. Divide responsibilities. As a team. complete 20 Internet-related questions  for Internet Search (40 pts)  and 3 different creative tasks (3 X 20 pts each) for a total possible team score of 100 points..
3. Be prepared to answer questions briefly with clear and complete sentences. Don't forget to check your spelling and grammar!
4. Enjoy the process! It's possible that you will be doing something like this in the future. 

Q. Can our team use any type of software or any type of computer for the competition?
A. Just be able to save your work in common file formats so that an average person, like a teacher/professor/judge, can open your file from a typical computer or laptop. For example, if you can save your file to a Word document, Powerpoint, Excel, or PDF file, it will allow all of the many judges to access the files easily from their own computers. (Note: Few judges have Microsoft Publisher installed on their computers; so,use a PDF file instead. Accessibility is key.

For example, if you create a video file, make sure to save it in the common mp4 video file type. If you create an audio file, save it in the common mp3 audio file type.

If a judge can't view your file, that fact is noted... and could be used, negatively, in the event of ties.

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