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Brass Quintet

Brass Quintet Excerpts for Horn

Welcome to the Brass Quintet Excerpts Home Page!

You can search for printable excerpts from the horn parts to over fifty brass quintet compositions by using the menu bar to your left.

I have recorded excerpts from twenty-three of the most frequently performed works (list included below), and I hope to be able to include recordings from all of them at some point. For those interested, information on the recording equipment used in this project is located at the bottom of this page. As always, I welcome any feedback or comments you may have. Feel free to email me: boldin@ulm.edu

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I recommend using Quicktime™ to listen to the recordings, which are in Mp3 format. Click here to download Quicktime™.

Excerpts with Recordings

Arnold, M. Quintet No. 1

Arutiunian, A. Armenian Scenes

Bach, J. Laudes

Bernstein, L. Dance Suite

Bozza, E. Sonatine

Calvert, M. Suite from the Monteregian Hills

Cheetham, J. A Brass Menagerie and Scherzo

Dahl, I. Music for Brass Instruments

Etler, A. Quintet for Brass Instruments

Ewald, V. Quintet Nos. 1,2,3

Ewazen, E. Colchester Fantasy

Hill, D. Timepieces for Brass Quintet

Horovitz, J. Music Hall Suite

Leclerc, M. Par Monts et Par Vaux

Lutoslawski, V. Mini Overture

Persichetti, V. Parable for Brass Quintet

Plog, A. Four Sketches for Brass Quintet

Previn, A. Four Outings for Brass Quintet

Renwick, W. Dance

Stevens, J. Seasons: A Symphony for Brass Quintet

Recording Information

Instrument: Yamaha YHR 667V

Mouthpiece: Laskey 75G

Recorder: Sony Minidisc Recorder MZ-RH910

Microphone: Sony ECM-MS907

Editing Software: Nero 8 Ultra Edition