Composer Title Movement Measures
Amram, David Fanfare and Processional II. Processional mm.  22-34
Bach, Jan Laudes III. Cantilena 3 mm.  after reh. D-reh. E
III. Cantilena 4 mm.  after reh. F-end
IV. Volta beg.-mm.  2
IV. Volta 4 mm.  before reh. M-reh. M
Barboteu, Georges Astral n/a 6 mm.  before reh. A-reh. B
n/a 2 mm.  before reh. C-4 mm.  after reh. C
n/a 6 mm.  before reh. F-3 mm.  after reh. F
n/a 1 mm.  after reh. G-7 mm.  after reh. G
Bazelon, Irwin Brass Quintet I. Fast-driving mm.  17-19
I. Fast-driving mm.  35-40
I. Fast-driving mm.  104-117
I. Fast-driving mm.  161-166
II. Moderately  mm.  16-31
II. Moderately  mm.  63-end
III. Slow mm.  6-15
IV. Lively beg.-mm.  10
IV. Lively mm.  80-84
Carter, Elliott Brass Quintet n/a mm.  5-13
n/a mm.  30-47
n/a mm.  81-95 [muted]
n/a mm.  154-158
n/a mm.  220-224
n/a mm.  233-259 
n/a mm.  396-400
Etler, Alvin  Quintet IV. mm.  1-3 (passage continues in a similar fashion for 17 mor measures)
IV.   mm.  62-65
    IV. half valves (Composer's indication: Remove mouthpiece, set valves as indicated, and tongue the tube-end.) mm.  131-142
Gregson, Edward Equale Dances V. Burlesque 3 mm.  before reh. 27-3 mm.  after reh. 27
Quintet for Brass I.  5 mm.  after reh. 4-6 mm.  after reh. 5
II. 4 mm.  after reh. 23-2 mm.  before reh 24
Hill, Douglas Timepieces for Brass Quintet I. Good Times  mm.  43-56
I. Good Times  mm.  59-62
I. Good Times  mm.  75-81
V. Party Time! mm.  4-11 (passage continues in a similar fashion for 9 more measures)
V. Party Time! mm.  72-83
Husa, Karel Landcapes  I. Northern Woods beg.-5 mm.  after reh. A
I. Northern Woods 2 mm.  after reh. D-reh. E
II. Northern Lakes reh. B-reh. C
II. Northern Lakes reh. D-reh. E
II. Northern Lakes 3 mm.  before reh. F-2 mm.  after reh. F
II. Northern Lakes reh. G-2 mm.  after reh. H
III. Voyageurs  reh. A-reh. B
III. Voyageurs [muted] reh. H-8 mm.  after reh. H
III. Voyageurs [muted] 5 mm.  before reh. K-reh. K
III. Voyageurs [open] 6 mm.  after reh. N-14 mm.  after reh. N
III. Voyageurs [open] 8 mm.  before reh. V-1 mm.  before reh. V
III. Voyageurs [open] 5 mm.  after reh. Z-end
Koetsier, Jan Kinderzirkus, op. 79b II. Die Seiltänzerin 7 mm.  after reh. B-end
V. Clownerie II mm.  9-20
VI. Der Tanzbär 5 mm.  after reh. A-1 mm.  after reh. B
Persichetti, Vincent Parable for Brass Quintet n/a mm.  2-9
Previn, André Four Outings II. mm.  57-72
IV. mm.  102-106
Sampson, David Distant Voices II. Bobby Hackett: Jazz Cornetist mm.  11-17
IV. Ben and Mark: My Sons mm.  120-128
Schuller, Gunther Music for Brass Quintet I.  mm.  24-32
I.  mm.  37-47
I.  mm.  52-55
II.  mm.  66-73
III. mm.  17-24
III. mm.  34-36
III. mm.  47-54
Stevens, John  Seasons I. Spring mm.  1-2