Engraved mammoth with triangular eye.


Rhinoceros in red line.

Galloping horse.

A galloping bison painted in black with a little color.

Galloping horse.

A coiled polychrome bison.

Unfinished polychrome horse, 5’3” long, superimposed on a red hind in flat wash.

Brown and reddish brown reindeer with alternating bands on the thigh.

A polychrome bison.

Les Trois-Freres (Ariege). “The Sorcerer”, a strange semi-human representation engraved and painted in black. Note the lively round eyes with pupils; the stag’s ears and powerful antlers; the absence of a mouth; the long beard; the forearms ending in joined hands; the human feet; the lavish tail; and finally the very distinct sexual organ, which is directed backward.

Engraving of a bear, supposedly covered with stab marks, from Les Trois Freres, Ariege.