The purpose of the Northeast Louisiana Business and Community Development Center (NLBCDC) is to advance entrepreneurship and to support economic and community development in the northeast Louisiana Delta region. The NLBCDC offers business owners resources and services designed to support and sustain a successful business. The small business incubator provides facilities and administrative assistance to fledgling companies thus allowing them to focus on the development or expansion of their business. Training and opportunities that directly impact the quality of life and stimulate economic growth will be offered in communities comprising the targeted region.


Welcome to our newest incubator tenants, Derrick Washington and Bridget Clark. Derrick is the owner of ReNU Lifestyle, specializing in credit repair. Visit Derrick in Stubbs 256. Bridget is the owner of Clark Entities, specializing in technical writing and life coaching. Visit Bridget in Stubbs 120G.

02/02/17 16:24

Attorneys Sophia Dixon Brown, LaKeisha Johnson and VaRhonda Burrell have moved to a different suite within the incubator. Their offices are now located in Stubbs 217.

09/11/15 07:20

Welcome new incubator tenants: James Aubrey, owner of Aubrey's Graphics; Sonya Jacobs, owner of JDS Advisors; Karl Pentecost, owner of Direct Premium Finance; Richard F. Dean, Attorney at Law; and Lavandolyn Smith with Never Alone Initiative.

06/03/15 10:47

Welcome to My Wants for Educators, owned by incubator tenant Kelsi Guidry. This Horace Mann affiliated agency offers insurance and financial products to those involved in the educational process. Visit Kelsi and My Wants for Educators in Stubbs 124.

04/30/15 14:50

We are excited to announce that the incubator has received a $25,000 grant from the Louisiana Business Incubation Association and Louisiana Economic Development This marks the fourth significant investment in the center by LBIA/LED. The current award will be used to renovate additional space on the first floor of the incubator and to install technology in the conference/training rooms. This technology will allow tenants to conduct seminars, workshops and host meetings.

We appreciate the continued support from the Louisiana Business Incubation Association and Louisiana Economic Development. This recent award comes at a significant juncture in the growth of our incubator and will allow us to continue development of a great economic development tool for our region.

09/11/15 07:27