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February 1, 2008

2008 Chautauqua Nexus series continue with discussion about the Mayan Calendar on Feb. 11

On Monday, Feb. 11, Chante Quiett will present “The Mayan Calendar and the Children of Now.”

As Quiett mentions in the description, “the Mayan Calendar has had some significant attention lately, since it describes a major ending of a cycle of time corresponding with 2012 on our Gregorian Calendar. I will show how this time decoder overlays events in history, and why we are in such a speeded up whirlwind as events compress into shorter and shorter periods leading up to 2012. This also ties into why the children of Now are so different and have much to teach us.”

Nexus presentations are free, informal and open to the public. Everyone is invited to attend. ULM FRYS students are encouraged to attend and sign in.

“The Nexus is an opportunity for intellectual and cultural exchange,” said Joe McGahan, ULM psychology professor and Chautauqua Nexus organizer. “This year we're focusing on a change in scheduling (with Mondays being the primary meeting day) intended to free us to develop a think tank, or multiple think tanks, that, like the Nexus, will build on the cultural resources of our community. Whereas the Nexus series will continue to be about virtually any topic that people find interesting, the think tank will focus on economic security and economic development—to a large extent, we’d like to focus on the potential of research and development.”

For more information call (318) 342-1338 or go to for the complete schedule of upcoming Chautauqua Nexus events.

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