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May 2, 2008

Student Research Symposium winners announced

Winners of the 8th Annual Student Research Symposium at the University of Louisiana at Monroe were announced at an awards ceremony held April 30 in the ULM Library.

The Student Research Symposium showcases research conducted by ULM undergraduates and graduate students. Researchers are required to conceptualize a research question, work with a faculty mentor to address the question, design a research method, identify the subjects, correctly and objectively collect data, analyze it, reach conclusions and make recommendations.

Student researchers presented their work either by Presentation Poster or by a Platform Presentation in which they read their research aloud to the audience. In both cases, student researchers were expected to answer questions from judges who have credentials in the student’s research field.

With the completion of the 8th Student Research Symposium, this venue has provided a platform for 2,506 student-researchers to present their unique research.

The winners are:

Department of Biology Graduate Student Poster Presentations

First place: Chris L. Rice and Kim Tolson; Roost Site Selection by Two Vespertilionid Bats (Myotis austroriparius and Corynorhinus rafinesquii) in a Northeast Louisiana Bottomland Hardwood Forest.

Department of Biology Undergraduate Student Poster Presentations

First place: Matt Colvin, Fiyin Sokoya, and Riccardo Fiorillo; Helminth Parasites of Two Centrarchid Fishes from Bayou DeSiard.

Second place: Logan Cloessner and Chris R. Gissendanner; Effects of ecdysteroids on the larval growth of the nematode Pristionchus pacificu.

Third place: Brandon C. Banks and Allison Wiedemeier; Crown Gall due to Agrobacterium Tumefaciens: A Model System for Cellular Biology.

Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Student Poster Presentations

First place: Brittany Lee and J. Abra Watkins; Intermolecular Interactions of Reactive Bimolecular Protein Complexes.

College of Business Administration Poster Presentations

Second place: Sinan Gokkaya and Mike Parker; Islamic Investment Vehicles: A Primer.

Third place: J. Logan Davis and Laurie Babin and Ken Clow; Super Bowl Advertising.

Department of Kinesiology Poster Presentations

First place: Kasi, H., Friery, K. and Thomas, L.; Effects of music and watching television during exercise on times to volitional fatigue and rates of perceived exertion.

Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling Poster Presentations

Third place: Buckner and Austin; Attitudes & Behaviors of Multiple Relationships.

Department of Psychology Poster Presentations

First place, special award for undergraduate: Shonda Butts, Elise Smith, and Jack Palmer; Coloring Perception: How blonde/brunette, genuine/artificial hair color influences trait assessment.

Second place: W.T. Hill and Jack A. Palmer; The Sound of Music: The Emotional Implications of a Set of Musical Stimuli.


Caleb Beraud, Brock Babin and Brian Coyne. Firefighters Self-reported Physical Activity Compared to Aerobic Funditional Capacity for the 2007 and 2008 Years. Lisa Colvin, Kelly Friery, mentors

Poster Presentation

Jason Austin, Amber Estess and Michelle Lovett, Charles Cole; Perceptions of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Student Poster Presentations

First place: Rajeswara C. Pinnoji, Gautam R. Bedadala, and Victor Hsia; Thyroid Hormone Regulates the Transcription of HSV-1 TK, LAT, and ICP0 in Neuroblastoma Cells Expressing Thyroid Hormone Receptor.

Second place: Gauri Patwardhan, Dongmei Ying, Vineet Gupta, Qianjin Zhang, Jianxiong Bao, Michal Jazwinski; Targeting Glucosylceramide Synthase Reverses Drug Resistance Through Ceramide- Induced Apoptosis In Vivo.

Third place: Mohamed Khanfar, Mudit Mudit, Bhushan Awate, Girish Shah, Khalid El Sayed; Computer-Assisted Design of Novel Inhibitors for Metastatic Prostate Cancer.

Department of Toxicology Graduate Student Poster Presentations

First place: Mitchell S. Wilbanks, Sasha L. Reeves, Laura S. Inouye, Edward J. Perkins, B. Lynn Escalon, and Sharon A. Meyer; Comparative hematotoxicity of HEXAHYDRO-1,3,5-TRINITRO-1,3,5-TRIAZINE (RDX) vs. MONO- and TRI-NITROSO environmental degradation products MNX AND TNX.

Pharmacy Administration Graduate Student Poster Presentations

First place: Jain G, Parmar J, Jenkins T, Baggarly S, Lawrence L.; Comparing the Effectiveness of Cortisporin vs. Ciprodex for Acute Otitis Externa in the Louisiana Medicaid Population.

Pharmacy Professional Program or Undergraduate Poster Presentations

First place: Rachel D. Wilson, Erica F. Durr, Mitchell S. Wilbanks, B. Lynn Escalon, Edward J. Perkins and Sharon A. Meyer; Comparative acute toxicity of 2,4,6-TRINITROTOLUENE (TNT), environmental degradation products 2-AMINO-4, 6- AND 4-AMINO-2,6-DINITROTOLUENE, AND 2,4-DINITROTOLUENE AND 2,6-DINITROTOLUENE.

Second place: Justin Lui and Scott Baggarly; Medication therapy management services in Louisiana: A descriptive survey.

Second placed (tied): Dan Jiang, Gautam R. Bedadala, and Shaochung V. Hsia; Construction of a reporter plasmid containing HSV-1 latency associated transcript promoter to investigate viral gene regulation in chromatin.


College of Business Administration Platform (Oral) Presentations

First place: Chris Leader and Adam Seanor and Paul Nelson; An Analysis of Various Equilibria Points and Arbitrage Opportunities in Straight Line Sports Betting.

Department of Biology Graduate Student Platform (Oral) Presentations

First place: Chris Rice and Kim Tolson; Ambient Temperature as a Possible Effect on Roost Site Selection by Corynorhinus rafinesquii (Rafinesque’s Big-Eared Bat) in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest Streambed.

First place: Benjamin R. E. Shepard and Russ Minton; The Constancy of Morphological Plasticity in a Freshwater Snail.

Liberal Arts Platform (Oral) Presentations

First place: Dale Willson and John Sutherlin; Environmental Preservation: A Case Study in Authoritarianism.

Second place: Lauren Watson and LaRue Sloan; Machiavelli’s Prodigies: Henry V and Richard III.

Third place: Delilah Clark and Helen Lock; The Inertia of Time: Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury in an Existential Context.

College of Pharmacy Platform (Oral) Presentations

First place: Sunitha V. Bachawal, Vikram B. Wali, and Paul W. Sylvester; Antiproliferative effects of combined EGFR inhibitor and g-tocotrienol treatment is associated with the suppression of ErbB3 and ErbB4 receptor activity in neoplastic mammary epithelial cells.

Second place: Sandeep Jain, Zhe-Sheng Chen, Paul W. Sylvester, and Khalid A. El Sayed; Bioactive Triterpenoids from the Red Sea Sponge Callyspongia Siphonella.

Third place: T.Prashant Nedungadi and Karen P. Briski; Estrogen regulates habituation of glucoregulatory behavioral and endocrine responses to recurring insulin-induced hypoglycemia.

Student Research Symposium Task Force:

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