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Dr. Gary L. Stringer, Head, Department of Geosciences, 
University of Louisiana at Monroe, Louisiana 71209-0550

Office: 318-342-1898
FAX:   318-342-1879

How Do I Apply?
Application to participate in the Regional Tournament requires the completion of two application forms and the submittal of appropriate annual application fees for state and national membership. All schools must apply for membership in the National Science Olympiad and pay an annual membership fee (Division B (Grades 6-9); Division C (Grades 9-12). This annual fee includes the rule book which will be forwarded to you from the National Science Olympiad. This fee includes participation in the State and National tournament, provided your team prevails at the regional and state levels. Please see the links to the forms, below.

Additionally, each school must complete an application to the regional competition and pay an annual registration fee. This is a fee for administrative costs associated with the regional tournament and includes a meal during the half-day competition. Please see the link below for the appropriate form.
Both forms should be downloaded, completed and mailed along with the appropriate check by November 1, 2010. If you miss the deadline due to special circumstances, contact Regional Director Dr. Gary Stringer at 318-342-1898.

Application Forms For Science Olympiad Competition 2010

Regional Competition Application Form (Required by November 1, 2009):
2. Each team completes and submits a form for national membership by November 1, 2009. You will find the application form on the Louisiana Science Olympiad Website:
3. A finalized list of up to 15 student participants per division team (Required by January 15, 2010):
If you miss a deadline due to special circumstances, contact Regional Director Dr. Gary Stringer at 318-342-1898.
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