The Louisiana High School Technology Challenge. Teamwork + Technology = Success You can have incredible accomplishments through teamwork.
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Using "Moodle"
Before your registered team can begin the Technology Challenge, your team will use your assigned login and password to access your ULM "Moodle" team account at:  The team coach will receive this by email. 

"Moodle" is an open-source application used at ULM for all online courses. You will use your Moodle account to "download" and "upload" files. (You "download" a file by copying a file from an online location "down" to your computer. You "upload" a file by copying a file from your computer "up" to an online location.) 

Your team will open a password-protected account on the day of the Technology Challenge and download the Technology Challenge files. You will receive detailed instructions by email a few days before the competition.

Visual Directions For Accessing Your Online "Moodle" Team Account
This 3-slide Powerpoint file shows hows, visually, how to access your team's online account at  "Moodle" is an online learning management system used by ULM to teach onine courses.
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