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We make every effort to insure that fair use rules are followed. We believe that our use of all materials from sources -- internet, hardcopy, or video/audio recordings -- fall under fair use practices in that

  • we only integrate small portions of the whole,
  • we use materials only for educational purposes,
  • we seek permissions from copywrite holders, and
  • no producers part of this project make a profit from these productions. 

If you intend to submit a production to Innovator, please keep these simple rules in mind.
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Sound and Video
In most cases, we only use sound and video that is readily available from public domain resources such at the Library of Congress and If on occasion we do use sound not yet in public domain, we use only small segments of the whole and seek permissions within two years of posting on the internet.

We only use texts which are in the public domain by scanning pre-1923 editions or editing readily available public domain texts from sources such as google books and

In the event that we cannot contact the source of a graphic which is not yet in public domain, we refrain from using it. If, on the other hand, we cannot contact a source and the graphic is in public domain, we go ahead and use it under the protection of Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corporation.

If you detect use of copywrited, non-public domain sound, video, graphics or text, we apologize in advance. Please let us know immediately and we'll revise our productions.