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Sharing is a good thing

Links to Innovator are not limited to University of Louisiana @ Monroe faculty producers. However, the ULM producers have "seeded" the ground, so to speak, with multi-media lesson productions funded by the Louisiana Board of Regents, and we will continue to "house" new productions of ULM faculty productions on
Exchange a link with us

We also solicit the exchange of links between ULM and other producers of advanced, on-line, multi-media courseware and learning objects, annotated books, short original documentaries, etc. If you have developed useful courseware, we will post a link to it after a peer-review from a ULM review team including a content specialist, educational technology faculty, and a student. If need be, we may agree to "house" the production on the ULM server should the ULM Computing Center authorize it.

To submit your educational production for peer review, mail the link to your production to:

In exchange, we would appreciate it if you would post links to any materials you find of use in this upstart of a website. In addition, if you would like to use any of the materials developed thus far, feel free to make use as you will. All have carte blanche permission.
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